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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 9, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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school drowned in the school pool. the outpouring of grief from family and friends. good morning and thank you for joining us. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. a busy morning. >> traffic is topping the news and making a lot of people late this morning. we cannot hear you. >> sale will flip the switch. let's let him talk about what he knows about the tunnel. >>reporter: if you can hear me now, westbound 24 near -- police activity has been going on and they had stopped all lanes for a good type -- long time. reports that some traffic is getting through and some people have been going around and getting off of the freeway, going through the hills and
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getting back on the other side. some people who know how to do that, but for the most part it has been at a standstill getting up to the tunnel. the call the cut tunnel is not involved. it is police activity. this means people have not been getting through in the westbound direction. stay with us and we will let you know when they reopen or think about going another way from or into into oakland. you may want to think about taking bart if it that it -- that is an option or perhaps going the other way if you are in walnut creek, use highway for to get to interstate 80. the police activity -- it is unclear what is happening but a huge police presence and a lot of people are not getting through. we will keep following this for you and some of the other commutes we follow this morning are very light.
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the tracy commute is light and so is the solano commutes. some of the other commutes are doing well but not this one. let's go back to you. >> we will continue to check in with you through the morning. a hazardous material scare involving a patient who was airlifted to valley medical center in san jose. we are told the worker was exposed to some type of toxic chemical or gas late last night. he suffered respiratory problems and was flown to the hospital for treatment. the rescue crew on the life flight was exposed as well as some hospital staff san jose fire was called to help supervise the decontamination. the helicopter and helipad had to be treated as well. authorities does not disclose the toxic sauce -- substance but they said the cleaning process only required soap and water. there were no injuries other than the initial exposure to
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the worker. today and danville, grief counselors will be a san ramon valley high school helping students and staff cope with the drowning of a 15-year-old student. select the body of the teenage boy was found at the bottom of the high school swimming pool yesterday just before 2 p.m. amberley went to the school and talked to the classmates. slacks -- >>reporter: francisco mates are grieving the loss of 15-year- old ben curry. they have created a memorial for the freshman at a gate around the swimming pool of san ramon valley high school. one friend said the boy was discovered in the school -- pool on conference -- unconscious when he and other students went to the pool for a pe class. >> a classmate noted there was a body at the bottom of the pool. the pe teacher dived in and tried cpr. select the victim was transported to kaiser medical center in walnut creek where he
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died a short while later. >> the case is under investigation and we feel we owe a great duty to the family to determine exactly what happened. >> it was a -- was sweet and shy. >>reporter: she described him as small in stature and he talked about his struggle. >> i know that he was bullied a lot and he did not think he had a lot of people he could rely on. >>reporter: some students have known ben since kindergarten. >> maybe a guy you have known your have known your whole life will not be there the next day. >>reporter: parents received texts from their children about what happened and offered some of these. >> i just really want to tell the parents that we love them. >>reporter: school officials say there will be grief counselors to help students cope. >> it is scary but it is happening so close. >>reporter: friends release balloons in memory of the teenager. the police chief tells me officers will interview many students and
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looking at evidence to determine what happened. at san ramon valley high in danville, amberley ktvu fox 2 news. last night in san jose the top six candidates for the governor of canned california came together in san jose for a tv debate on issues like education, climate change, immigration and a lot more. >> democrats took aim and president trump while two republicans took aim at current front room -- front-runner gavin newsom. jana katsuyama has the highlights from the 90 minute debate.>>reporter: onstage at the california theater the four democrats and two republicans vying to be governor fighting off talking points with one month to go. gavin newsom had emerged as a front runner in the polls focusing his fire at the republican and donald trump. >> trump administrations declared war on california and it is incumbent to stand up and stand tall.>>reporter: i will reverse gavin newsom's state law. a >> -- >>reporter: cox were
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supports a board wall, and high- speed reels. >> we wasted billions of the job. it is gone and i'm governor. >> travis allen is competing for republican votes in said he would support the trump immigration crackdown. >> our nation has the worst of poverty. it is time california takes care of california first. >>reporter: clashing with newsom. >> one is one too many. we must secure the borders. i'm the only person on the board is that has always advocated for securing the borders.'s but i find it offensive to politicize the death of kate stein. >>reporter: other democrat said they support california's
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things restate status. john chung at times criticizing newsom while counting his own record. >> i stood up to president trump what he wanted to repeal obamacare. i will challenge him on climate change. i voted against offshore oil drilling. >> it is inappropriate for any boss in any business, or any government agency to make passes at women that work for them and when that happens it ought to be given a shout out.>>reporter: allen denied sexual misconduct allegations. and said they had learned from past affairs and will fight for women's rights. >> if you cannot trust gavin's with his best friend's wife how can you trust him with your state. like i was honest and open about it. i apologized and i was wrong. i have learned and i was about and i am a much better person as a consequence. >> i stand with the me to movement and acknowledge that i made a mistake. i lost my marriage. i lost my family for a time. i took responsibility. >>reporter: former mayor antonio will ricoh so once but a possible front-runner and third getting his message out. >> i want to be a governor that unites this great state. this is the most diverse state
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anywhere. it is a state whose engine is its diversity and i am proud of that. >>reporter: all candidates except gavin newsom came to the media room to answer question. many said they wished they had more than 30 seconds to get point across. all of them said they felt they one points in this debate. in san jose, jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. >> us allies say they are still committed to the nuclear deal despite the exit of the us. president trump announced he was withdrawing from the deal. he called it defective and set it field to stop the nuclear ambition of are on. president trump said he is willing to negotiate a new deal with iran but for now he will reimpose economic sanctions that were waived under the 2015 deal. >> we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the
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current agreement. the iran deal is defective at its core. >> iran's leader reacted to the sanctions warning his country might start enriching uranium more than before. the pact was agreeing between iran, and us under president obama, great britain, france, china, russian and germany. the nations will uphold the terms of the agreement and try to prevent it from falling apart. the former president obama called president trump's decision to withdraw misguided and a serious mistake. gina has boat nominated head of the cia is expected to address through 12 in the controversial and her date -- interrogation method used on suspected terrorists during her senate confirmation hearing today. back in 2002 she was in charge of a secret cia prison in thailand where terrorism suspects who were subjected to what the cia called enhanced interrogation tactics, including
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waterboarding. yesterday haskell met with the democratic senator. ron wyden of oregon who has been pushing the cia to declassify documents about ms. haskell's role in the controversial program. >> if this is allowed to go forward is what i have called a stigger confirmation process, it sure will not be the last one.>>reporter: the cia released experts -- excerpts of the planned remarks she says she will not restart any kind of similar program and wants to strengthen relations with us allies. us secretary of state mike pompeo is in north korea this morning to finalize plans for the summer between president trump and north korean leader kim jong. us officials say pompeo also press north korea for the release of three detained americans as a goodwill gesture ahead of the summit. the president has set a time and place for the meeting has
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been determined but no announcement has been made yet about the details. still had, day two of the annual google development conference today. we will let you know about the new consumer features that were introduced at the kickoff event. new evacuations ordered on the big island of hawaii. the new volcanic events that opened up causing more mama to threaten more homes. better news in the east bay approaching the tunnel. lanes have reopened on 24, approaching the tunnel and all of a sudden the backup that was pretty big has dissipated. if you're taking the tunnel you can drive through it i will tell you more about what happened earlier to make it flow.
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welcome back it is for 14 new evacuation orders on the big island of hawaii as to new events in the ground opened up filled with lava and leaking toxic gas. yesterday evacuations were ordered the the community in addition to 1700 other residents who were already told to leave and move to safer ground. earlier we spoke to ken rubin. an expert on volcanoes at the university of hawaii. he said at this point there is no indication the lava flows are slowing down. >> we were not very surprised when the volcanoes started up again with two new fissures.
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we really do not have a very good idea of how long this will last. but what we know is that when eruptions are likely to stop we will start to see a decrease. >> 35 homes have been destroyed so far by lava. we are going into day three of the uc service workers strike. you see that nurses have joint custodians and food service workers in solidarity. this is the scene at the us the sf massive campus day two. san francisco general hospital workers plan to rally at noon. similar walkouts are taking place at all uc campuses around the state. the main sticking points for the striking service workers job security, retirement, and wages. in a statement the university of california said the union is demanding a 20 percent pay hike over three years and that the
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university cannot justify such a raise. our time is 4:16. bob marley's granddaughter and two other women are considering a lawsuit against the southern california police department for what they call an excessive response to a racially motivated 911 call. a woman and her friends were checking out of their airbnb rental in rialto when a neighbor called the police to report a possible burglary. moments later the homeless started by police cars and police officers telling the women to put their hands in the air. new body camera video released this week shows authors talking with the women. the women say the escalade guests it escalated and 20 minutes later the women were not arrested and the rialto police department says the officers did not use any kind of restraints the people involved. let's head back to sal. a lot of people started the day. >> will when they opened the
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blades for the three clock hour there was a real problem and they had to close the name at the caldecott tunnel. when you open them after 4, things started moving again. we are back to normal when it comes to the commute and looking to some of the faraway commutes like the galway commute which looks good also. sometimes the early-morning problems take you by surprise and you are on schedule. right now there are no surprises anymore as you drive through and driving up to san jose it looks good. no major issues. just so we know, to look at the road sensors again, everything is wide open and clear. i came into work and there was a huge line of slow traffic and right when they opened it dissipated within minutes of them opening the lanes. that is good news. let's go and take a look at life pictures. 280 in san jose. it looks good driving up the
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highway 17. no major problems. at the westbound commute at the bay bridge, it is lights. i should mention, the reasons the tunnel was closed was for police activity. that has cleared up. let's bring steve in with today's weather. a lot of company there. >> did you have to get out of your car? >> i did not. we have a pretty cool pattern. this is the coolest day of the week and we will see gradual warming towards the rest of the week. a big difference toward santa rosa and san jose. most locations are dealing with some low clouds. not all. up in the 50s. livermore. 57 with a pretty good fog bank and it will lead to a cooler day. no doubt. the two high clouds may exhibit by with an onshore breeze that is kicking in big time. look for the breeze to be with us along with the low cloud deck. a couple of upper 50s near 60s. 49 in pope valley but 57 in vallejo. and lima valley. low 50s towards windsor.
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onshore westerly breeze. even out to the delta, 16 and west southwest of davis with an onshore breeze. low clouds will be persistent and you can see how everything is driving in. even a few high clouds. 50s and 60s. the 70s for england. out of the 80s when i was morning clouds, sunny and breezy. mostly sunny on thursday and warmer. wendy friday into saturday with a little warm-up and a big cooldown on sunday. solar panels may become a mandatory feature on new homes. we are talking about the vote on new energy standards across the state. we are waiting to see the prophets came from the illegal sale of recreational marijuana. we will tell you how march was projected to be made versus how much revenue the state actually
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took them.
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for the fourth straight year the warriors are moving on for the conference fire. >> fireworks lit up the sky after the warriors beat the new orleans pelicans 113-104. there were plenty of fireworks on the basketball court also. that is just the way i tossed it. seth curry hitting the deep
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three-pointers with 28 points per kevin durant had 24 and draymond green, you are too good. he came the first warriors player to average a triple- double in the playoff series and after the game he focused on the next opponent. the houston rockets. spot they have made it known that their team -- kind of their obsession or whatever. it is what it is. all of that stuff is cool. you can build your team. you want to build it to be the champs because that's how you have to go to the championship. it is understandable. it is time to play. >> you tell them. the warriors are off for the rest of the week. game one of the western conference finals monday in
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houston. by next week more of bart's new railcars will be put into service. according to the san francisco chronicle the state utilities commission approved putting the new trains into service yesterday. this comes four days after it passed a systemwide test. the new fleet include 10 more cars. bart put the first 10 cars into system january which was behind schedule. the problems with the train doors. bart has 26 of the new cars at the hayward yard it is running a train on the richmond fremont line since the beginning of the year. officials expect to have 80 new train cars and service by the end of the year. today the california energy commission scheduled to vote on new energy standards. if the measure passes, california would become the first state to make solar panels mandatory on new home construction. the cities of san francisco already requiring new buildings with less than 10 stories to be
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fitted with solar panels. the state measure go into effect in 2020. governor jerry brown plans to build two huge tunnels to carry water down southern california and it has won a key endorsement. spot the santa clara water valley district to approve for the plan. this could mean a $10 a month increase in water prices for silicon valley water customers. a bold move the santa clara water but district voted 4-3 just for the governor's plan allocating $650 million to the $17 billion project. the district says the upgrade with secure a stable supply of water for the future. 40 percent of the county water comes from the delta. >> has increasingly become difficult to continue to import water out of the delta and the more water we take out, the tougher it gets. stroke the project calls for two giant tunnels 35 miles long to be built under the
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sacramento san joaquin delta. they will divert water and ratchet software. this gives a route of the turnaround. governor jerry brown issued the statement. simply put to the courageous decision helped to million santa clara and have a more reliable water source. >> we have not invested in water infrastructure in this way in over 50 years.>>reporter: the county needs all of the water it can get given the growing population and climate change. >> in an age where we are dealing with climate change, long-range drought, and forecasts predicting the region will be even more strapped for water, in future years. >>reporter: funding the product will ensure the district will have a say on how tunnels are built and opponents of forsey cost overruns. >> there is probably a 20th century solution to the 21st century problems. >>reporter: one of the many groups filing a lawsuit against the project. she says the governor's plan to
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sacrifice the health of fish and wildlife and could worsen water quality for communities around the north delta. >> it is some kind of legacy project because it doesn't make sense from a practical perspective about how to spend money moving forward into the 21st century. >>reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. with a project currently with 30 lawsuits. the santa clara water district says there is no viable alternative to the twin title -- twin tunnels. >> calls for a groundbreaking of the next 10 to 15 years. because of legal issues and permits already required it could take longer. tensions are rising over the 2020 census and plans to add a controversial question. we will talk you a -- tell you about possible legal action. a marine county town considering bending rules on drive-through restaurants.
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the recent city leaders may make an exception for a particular restaurant. es another problem in the east bay on a 80, getting word that all traffic is stopped for a traffic break and a crash. northbound a 80 near 23rd. you can see from this picture, after the truck comes by, no one is going through. that is because of a crash just down the road. we will let you know how serious it is, but it sounds serious to me. a serious fog bank with a good search. it will be cooler for everybody even those in the back 40s.
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welcome back. the middle of the week wednesday, may 9. i am to -- dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is 4:30 and it is pret


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